Album: Wiz Khalifa – Fly Times, Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young


Download Wiz Khalifa Fly Times, Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young Album

Wiz Khalifa Fly Times, Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young Album Download – As promised, Wiz Khalifa has gifted fans with a new mixtape that is set to be the soundtrack for 4/20. He revealed the tracklist for the 14-song Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young project just last night and first dropped news of the record on April 14, the ninth anniversary of Kush and Orange Juice. Fly Times has a laid back vibe and features a number of collaborations from the Taylor Gang and others including Ty Dolla $ign, THEMXXNLIGHT, Problem, Chevy Woods, Young Deji, Sosamann, and his 2009 collaborator Curren$y.

This anticipated album shouldn’t be dismissed as a just a record for the smokers and tokers as Khalifa delivers a solid project that has back-to-back hits, blending sounds from R&B and both coasts. The rapper’s love for Mary Jane isn’t a secret, and he’s previously shared that smoking marijuana aids in his creative process. “Smoking just helps to free my mind, slow my thoughts down and think about everything not only in a more poetic way but in a more creative way in general,” he said. “Just taking my realest ideas and being able to put [them] on paper. It just makes it more vivid. And like I said, I’m able to just relax and be free. I like to smoke before, during and after I’m making music.

Fly Times, Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young Tracklist

1. Download Mp3: Real As You Think ft. Problem & Curren$y
2. Download Mp3: Taylor
3. Download Mp3: G.O.A.T. Flow ft. THEMXXNLIGHT
4. Download Mp3: Bacc To Winning ft. Ty Dolla $ign
5. Download Mp3: Chevy Bars ft. Chevy Woods
6. Download Mp3: Big Pride (Bag Talk) ft. Young Deji
7. Download Mp3: What You Deserve ft. Young Deji
8. Download Mp3: Yea Yup ft. Young Deji
9. Download Mp3: Gold Bottles ft. Young Deji
10. Download Mp3: Taylor Life ft. Sosamann
11. Download Mp3: You Don’t Have To Hide ft. Young Deji
12. Download Mp3: Real One ft. Young Deji
13. Download Mp3: Monitored Millions
14. Download Mp3: All For You ft. THEMXXNLIGHT


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