KXNG CROOKED – The Old Me Mp3 Download



Kxng Crooked is ringing in the New Year with some new heat. There are a few artists that decided to kick off 2019 with new offerings for their fans, and Crooked is one of them. The storied lyricist is set to drop a new project in the first quarter of the year, and his new single “The Old Me” is blazing the path for the tape. The new single features a dramatic guitar and sharp percussions that sound like they aren’t mixed to perfection. The result is a harsh sounding instrumental that is jarring to listen to at first.

Crooked reminisces about his old ways, taking listeners through epic nights and violent days from his past. Crooked’s still untitled project is slated to drop this month from Hitmaker Services and New Wave Distro.

Quotable Lyrics
If that bitch’s head smooth, I’ma give her dick to suck
Lift her up, get the bed movin’ like a pickup truck
Thousand dollar silk sheets, I’ma call that rich as fuck
For the homies dead underground, I’ma live it up


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