Tinashe – Ooh La La

Tinashe – Ooh La La

A track that feels perfectly balanced between “Joyride” and “Nightride”‘s moods.

Though Joyride was once envisioned as the bright sister project to Nightride’s moody intimacy, the album is a little more balanced than expected. Given that murky R&B is where Tinashe feels most at home, it was the right decision. “Ooh La La” sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Introduced with a percussive element that sounds like a squeaky bed frame, the song eventually takes off with some driving programmed drums, but keeps the nebulous spirit of the singer’s mixtape work.

Unlike some of the singles that led up to the release, it feels distinctly Tinashe, which makes it one of the strongest tracks on the project.

The album, which suffered many delays, was finally released on Friday. It features guest appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Future, French Montana, and Migos’ Offset. Stream Joyride in full here.

Tinashe recently spoke of how she briefly lost the title track of the project to Rihanna before getting it back to complete the album. “I guess eventually she didn’t use the song, and I was like, ‘I still want it! Can I have it back?’,” she told Billboard. “So I got it back, revamped it, took Travis off it, and now it’s a new day!”

Quotable Lyrics:
Don’t turn me down, go louder
Hitting notes, ’bout to think I’m in the opera
Need for speed so we coming full throttle
And if he ask I’ma let him go harder
Don’t turn me down, go louder

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