Video: Meek Mill – 1942 Flows


Video: Meek Mill – 1942 Flows

Meek shows support to those fighting for him.

Despite the enormous cry of public support, Meek Mill is, tragically, still behind bars. However, corrupt cops and biased judges aren’t enough to keep Meek down, and today he’s released a music video for “1942 Flows” off his latest album, Wins and Losses, showing support for those who are fighting to free him from his imprisonment.

The majority of the video was clearly shot before Meek’s arrest, but it feels prescient. Especially the intro, in which Meek (or perhaps a Meek stand-in) answers questions from reporters about his incarceration.

The song reminisces about Meek’s struggles to his eventual rise to success, and it’s a fitting anthem to his current struggle now.

Shots of protesters holding #FREEMEEK signs are everywhere in the video, Rick Ross even appears to speak at a rally.

In between, Meek is seen riding around his city, posting up in a fancy house, and hanging out with his friends. It’s kind of melancholic to see Meek free in the video, knowing full well that he’s still locked up in reality.

It’s obvious how much love there is for Meek, especially in Philadelphia. It’s only too bad that he isn’t here to see it. Regardless, it’s a pleasure to see Meek in a video again.

The video is courtesy of, which encourages you to sign a petition demanding not only Meek’s release, but the release of all incarcerated people with pending PCRA petitions. Watch the video above and sign the petition if you want to join the fight for Meek Mill’s freedom.


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