Famous Dex – Dex Meets Dexter Album (Zip Download)

Famous Dex – Dex Meets Dexter Album (Zip Download)

Famous Dex’ debut album “Dex Meets Dexter” has arrived.

Famous Dex has proven himself to be an admired mixtape commodity, with his animated presence brightening last year’s Rich Forever 3 tape alongside Rich The Kid and Jay Critch.

Moreover, Dexter has proven himself wise beyond his years, at least where his predecessors are concerned. A true student of the game, Famous Dex has sought inspiration from the legends, staying honorable where some of his peers have faltered.

Yet he’s continuously remained true to self, and throughout the course of his fourteen track debut, Dex and/or Dexter attempts to establish himself as a solo artist. But how does he fare on Dex Meets Dexter?

Naturally, the wise response would be to listen for yourself. If you’re a fan of his style, you’ll no doubt find plenty to enjoy.

While he might not be coming through with the bars of his favorite OG rappers, Dex remains true to self for the most part.

Aside from the typical Dexter extravagance, there several moments of experimentation, primarily with melodic, pop-friendly cuts; “Prove It” finds Dex flexing the vocals over a muted guitar riff, while “Light” finds him floating over some atmospheric, major key synths.

Overall, it’s an eclectic affair, true to the multiple personalities of the man behind its creation. What did ya’ll think of this one?

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