Sam Smith – Pray Ft. Logic

Sam Smith – Pray Ft. Logic

Logic hops on Sam Smith’s “Pray” to deliver an emotional single.

The song was originally released last year as part of Sam Smith’s The Thrill of It All album, which did not feature Logic.

Being promoted as the next single from the pop singer’s collection, “Pray” has been given the Logic co-sign as he begins the track with an impassioned verse to start off the track.

Logic briefly explores his singing chops at times on the track although the majority is filled with his signature bars. Both Logic and Sam Smith sound stunning together, creating what may be a high-charting track.

In what is sure to get a ton of radio airplay, the Sam Smith connection will only continue Logic’s current run of dominance in the rap game.

As he becomes more familiarized with a pop audience, the rapper’s reach will multiply as he keeps to his craft.

While the release is technically a remix, it is being promoted as the third single from Sam Smith’s latest project and the crooner will undoubtedly see success with it.

The emotional track shows a different side of Logic, showcasing a certain vulnerability in his music following his divorce.

As Logic continues to work on new music, he has previously referred to himself as the “best rapper alive.” While many believe that their skills on the mic are superior, would you agree with him after listening to this track?

Quotable Lyrics

I am me
I’m a man, I’m a sinner
But understand, aren’t we all?
So when it comes to paths and judgments I don’t think that you’re the one to make the call
Heaven want to cast me out for being me, I know there’s like me that’ll break the fall
I know you hater motherfuckers just can’t relate at all

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