Brymo – OṢÓ Album (Zip Download)

Brymo – OṢÓ Album (Zip Download)

From the rhythmic “No Be Me”, the reflective “God is In Your Mind” inspired by the work of a Ghanaian fine artist; where Brymo brought his vocal prowess accompanied by strong guitar-riff by David Ubani, and to the soulful “Bá’núsọ”; OṢÓ is Brymo embracing his destiny as Africa’s leading figure in the arts!



1. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – No Be Me

2. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Mama

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Brymo – Heya!

4. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Patience and Goodluck

5. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – God Is in Your Mind

6. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Time Is So Kind

7. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Entropy

8. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Money Launderers and Heart Breakers

9. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Ọlánrewájú

10. DOWNLOAD: Brymo – Olúmọ

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: Brymo – Bá’núsọ

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