SBTRKT – All We Got SBTRKT REMIX Ft. Chance The Rapper


SBTRKT – All We Got SBTRKT REMIX Ft. Chance The Rapper

SBTRKT rewards the patience exhibited by his fans with a remix to Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got.”

SBTRKT blessed his Soundcloud massive with a cover of Chance the Rapper’s “All We Got.” He explained his intentions in the description bar below the track.

“thought id share this – as its been on my drive for a year or so – was shared the vocals by Chance & Pat his manager back in late 2016. big fan of Chance and the original song so was fun to give it my own take.
all instruments / live drums played by sbtrkt”

The cover was too intricate to simply pick up dust on his desktop, it had to see light. The “All We Got SBTRKT REMIX” is essentially a complete structural overhaul of the original, with the producer adding layers of production and a female vocal part, not to mention live instrumentation recorded and reconverted by the producer himself.

Revisit the charms of Chance’s debut with new harmonic elements. Enjoy.

Quotable Lyrics:

Man I swear my life is perfect, I could merch it
If I die I’ll prolly cry at my own service, igh, igh!
It was a dream, you could not mess with the Beam
This is like this many rings
You know what I mean?
This for the kids of the king of all kings
This is the holiest thing

-Chance the Rapper


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