Rick Ross Ft. Andre 3000 – Sixteen Mp3 Download

Sixteen most definitely isn’t enough for Rick Ross & Andre 3000 on this “God Forgives, I Don’t” classic.
Only by looking to the past, can we understand the ways of the future. When Rick Ross dropped off his fifth album God Forgives, I Don’t back in 2012, the Andre 3000 collaboration “Sixteen” was immediately met with universal acclaim. And while Andre’s reclusive nature has led to a shortage of Three Stacks verses, his turn on this J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League banger has been cited among the greatest verses of all time. While that’s certainly up for debate, Andre’s pen game has never felt more profound; from the opening stanza, his depiction of burgeoning experience mirrors that of the most celebrated bildungsroman.

And let’s not sell Rozay short here. While Andre’s poetry is nigh untouchable, Renzel holds it down with one of his own strongest verses. The former big man flows with a controlled sense of energy, somehow managing to blend ostentatious boss-life with a striking sense of humility. If you haven’t heard this one in a while, take the time to get lost in the power of “Sixteen.”

Quotable Lyrics

How’s he God if he lets Lucifer let loose on us?
That noose on us won’t loosen up, but loose enough to juice us up
Make us think we do so much and do it big
Like they don’t let us win, I can’t pretend
But I do admit, it feel good when the hood pseudo-celebrate
Hence, why every time we dine we eat until our belly aches
Then go grab the finest wine and drink it
Like we know which grape and which region it came from
As if we can name ’em, hint hint, it ain’t, um, Welch’s

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