YFN Lucci – Too Much Ft. Wale Mp3 Download


YFN Lucci – Too Much Ft. Wale

Wale smashes his verse, channelling his foolish pride to tell us what we already know: Sometimes less is more, more or less.

“Too Much” presents us with a street-endorsed rapper making sure he know where he stands on issues of loyalty and greed. There’s a lost art in appealing to the tough crowd, or the margins. YFN Lucci seems to have tapped into that quite early. Wale is therefore the perfect counterbalance to Lucci’s street sensibility.

Ray Ray from Summerhill is really exceeding expectations. Listen to whole tape here & give us your thoughts on “Too Much.”

Quotable Lyrics

I got my wallet on me, both eyes on you
And Ima prolly OD, spend a little time on you
I got too much sauce for too many these hoes
Somewhere in Georgia bout to get me hoes
I’m in a jag and wit Lucci rockin’ that Gucci bomber that ain’t at these stores
Too much too much, too much on my mind



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