Robb Bank$ – Lie 2Me Mp3 Download

Robb Bank$ – Lie 2Me

Another standout performance from “Molly World” emerges.
Robb Bank$ is definitely a contender for most frightening album cover in recent time, befitting of a man who has not shied away from being true to his senses, or his lact of tact. The South Florida rapper is a fluid mixture of brash rapping & elements of horror and abject humor. Robbing, shooting, car alarms & weekend tee-times, all come to pass in “Lie 2Me.”

Molly World, released on Thursday, includes guest appearances by Chief Keef, Famous Dex, Birdman, Lil Gnar, Zoey Dollaz. For my money, Robb Bank$ is a good fit with a youth-based subculture obsessed with revolting images.

Molly World is available now after a string of delays, listen here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Put a beam on the glock
Put the team in her mouth
In the streets I chop
Do magic with the pole on me
I lie you told on me
Wanna go on a roll with me

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