24hrs – 5AM TWENTY

24hrs – 5AM TWENTY

24hrs drops off some atmospheric strip-club musings.

24hrs continues to expand his repertoire. Today, the Atlanta artist and brother of MadeinTYO has dropped off another SoundCloud loosie.

In keeping with the expected parameters, this one clocks in at a little under two minutes. While it might take you longer to drink a cup of water, the song itself should go down equally smooth.

Opting for a minimalist instrumental, “5AM TWENTY” employs a sparse percussive arrangement amidst a pitched-down vocal sample; at once atmospheric and spooky.

Vocally, 24hrs comes heavy with the autotune, leaving one wondering what his voice might sound like with a dryer mix.

Lyrically, the song is highly sexual in nature. In that regard, it’s not altogether different from the variety of ambient RnB that’s currently popping. Still, 24hrs does a respectable job at painting an x-rated picture. It’s too bad the song doesn’t have enough time to evolve beyond a verse and brief chorus. Check out the track now, and sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

Never pay for the pussy but tell me it’s alright
If I leave you a tip can I have you all night?

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