Luu Breeze – I Sip Remix Mp3 Download

Luu Breeze – I Sip Remix Mp3 Download

Luu Breeze - I Sip Remix

Luu Breeze – I Sip Remix

Listen to Tory’s hit with a new contribution from the Toronto artist.

“I Sip,” Tory Lanez’ 2016 single co-written with Starrah, is a perfect concoction of all the things the Brampton rapper and singer does best. Luu Breeze, an artist from Toronto who has similarly forward-thinking approach to R&B sounds right at home next to Tory on a new remix of the track.

Rather than taking over the whole song, he simply adds a verse and hook at the beginning, which both riffs on Tory’s original melody while also exploring other pockets of the beat.

In June 2016, Breeze released his mixtape Something In The Shade, which featured production from Daniel Worthy, Burd N Keyz, The MeKanics, Omari Jabari and more. There’s no word on when Breeze will release his next project, but it seems he could be gearing up to something new.

As for Tory, he shared some info on his upcoming sophomore album in an interview with HNHH last summer. “You know, it’s a lot more music,” he said. “There’s a lot more collaborative efforts done. There’s features this time around. There’s producers that I didn’t work with before that I’m working with now. It’s just things that are very different. I started writing again, like writing down. I got my composition book. I got that back with the college rule lines on it. That’s when I’m on my A+ game.”

Could an official collaboration from the two be somewhere in the future? We’ll have to wait and see.

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